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About Us


Integrity, Innovation, Quality Excellence, Customer-Centric Approach, Collaboration, Safety & Sustainability, Continues Improvement

Guiding Principals

Cost Efficiency, On-Time Delivery, Budget Adherence, In House Expertise, Adaptability, Local Integration

Who we are

At Artesanos

we provide turn-key solutions in the field of interior décor in the residential & and hospitality sectors. We are a dynamic and forward- thinking foreign contracting company equipped with visionary leadership and a highly experienced management team that specializes in interior solutions. We have established ourselves as a prominent player in the fit out industry, driven by a profound commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled dedication to our client’s needs.
Our Core Business is devoted to the fitout and furnishing of high-end luxury villas. Our portfolio showcases our artisanal skills in harmonizing aesthetics while creating operational solutions and exceeding our client’s expectations. Our identity reflects our purpose, vision, mission, values, and guiding principles, which define every aspect of our business”. This is the essence of Artesanos, and it’s what makes us stand out in the Middle Eastern construction industry.


Our mission is to create exceptional, sustainable, and harmonious interior and exterior spaces for our clients by leveraging our in- house facilities and acclaimed innovative artisanal craftsmanship.


To be the preferred and most trusted contracting company in the Middle East, renowned for our commitment to quality and steady dedication to delivering within budget and in a timely manner while setting new industry standards.

Our people

“At Artesanos, our greatest asset is our people, the living embodiment of our company’s values and principles and the heartbeat of our organization. Our team is a diverse and dedicated group of professionals who bring our core beliefs to life every day. They are the artisans and innovative minds that drive our mission and ensure that we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. Together, they make Artesanos an organization of purpose and impact in the fitout industry.


  • Quality Interior Décor
  • In-house facilities
  • Cost Efficiency
  • On-time delivery

CEO Statement

“”As the CEO of Artesanos, I am honored to lead a team that embodies our organization’s purpose, vision, mission, values, and guiding principles. Our journey is defined by our invariable commitment to excellence, innovation, and, above all, our clients.
I’m dedicated to ensuring that Artesanos remains a beacon of first-class experience, where our clients’ dreams come to life, and where our obligation to ethics, safety, and sustainability remains unquestioned.
Thank you for joining us on this incredible voyage, and together, we’ll continue to achieve remarkable things.”


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